Saturday, February 6, 2010

Full Moon

We had an amazing full moon the other night, so Sherri and I went out and took some pics. She's been getting back into photography quite a bit, and I've always loved messing around with the camera. Here's a few that she took, using different shutter speeds.

That last one looks really spooky to me. It just evokes thoughts of classic horror movies. Nothing like a good full moon to give you the creeps.

And here's a couple I took. I've always liked extended exposure to create ghost images, and I've recently been playing with extended exposure while zooming.

I think we got a lot of cool shots that night. Makes me want to go out more often with the camera.


  1. Your wife interested in er, photographs, eh? Know what I mean? Photographs, "he asked him knowingly".
    Nudge nudge. Snap snap. Grin grin, wink wink, say no more!

    Nice pics dude. Although with a topic of "Full moon" I am slightly disappointed that there's nary an arse cheek to be found.

  2. Awesome photos. I really like the 3rd one up.

  3. Really good shots. Looked bright as hell outside